1. Industry type
  2. Banks / Insurance
  3. NGO
  4. Retail
  5. Government
atyati. banking for the un-banked
Making financial inclusion a reality

A network of “home grown” agents supporting large financial institutions in providing financial services in their native villages using atyati’s GANASEVA platform.

atyati. enabling outreach
Taking progress to the grassroots

atyati’s GANASEVA is a platform built to assist the NGO sector reach out to the un-reached with social and financial services

atyati. building the rural supply chain
Creating channels to and from rural India

Creating and managing direct procurement and sales channels into rural markets offers an opportunity to eliminate middle men and gain significant cost efficiencies while building direct relationships with rural consumers and suppliers. atyati’s Ganaseva can be deployed to e-enable supply chain linkage in a modular manner

atyati.facilitating governance
Taking government benefits to the needy effectively, efficiently and expediently.

Solutions for cashless and fraud free delivery of government services and disbursement of state benefits from pensions to PDS with atyati’s GANASEVA.



atyati technologies has created a comprehensive end-to-end mobility based multi application platform called GANASEVA. The platform supports and enables the flow of products and services from financial institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises to citizens in remote rural geographies. A fully automated system, GANASEVA provides a common infrastructure for data collection and information management.

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Services Supported
  • Branchless expansion of a banking network
  • Mobile micro-credit delivery
  • Seamless tracking of disbursement of government benefits
  • Cashless Public Distribution System
  • Health care data collection and monitoring
  • Creation and management of rural supply chains
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From poverty to profits through technology

Bridging service divide in the world economy through technology intervention

India has the largest number of economically poor people in the world. These impoverished millions are on the periphery of the economic functions both as producers and consumers.

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